A Smarter
Way to Play

Discover a world of creativity
& fun with hands-on interaction

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"Toys that will make your kids smarter."

- Time Magazine

"Tiggly is great for younger learners!"

- Scholastic

4-8 years
3-7 years
2-5 years

Tiggly Kids are
stretchy learners

who seek challenges,
learn from mistakes,
and love being creative

Play to learn

Relax and learn while you play. It's okay to be silly while exploring math concepts or developing reading skills


Actively engage in figuring things out. Try it out for yourself. Don't just listen - get involved!


Explore new ideas, embrace storytelling, and develop problem-solving skills that last a lifetime

How it works

Tiggly Toys have silicone touch points so your tablet reacts to them just like your fingertips. Tap and the screen reacts

Simple to use

No need for batteries, bluetooth or wifi, the magic is in its simplicity!